UOL-SingLand JV to acquire Watten Estate Condominium for $550.8mil

The tender for the en bloc sale of Watten Estate Condominium has been granted to a 80%-20% partnership among UVI and Singland Resi Development.

United Venture Investments is a wholly-owned subdivision of UOL Grp, whereas Singland Residential Development is a subdivision of S’pore Land Grp Limited.

The grant develops after individuals from the sale council recognized the JV’s tender price of $550.8 mil.

Canninghill Piers condominium

In their individual Singapore Exchange submission, UOL as well as Singapore Land Group Limited mentioned that the acquisition is amongst their normal course of venture and would empower them to rejuvenate their land stockpile for non commercial creation throughout S’pore.

“Individuals wish to rebuild the apartment into a condominium, based on full essential authorizations via relevant authorities being attained,” mentioned SingLand.

“The JV together with UOL will enable SGP Land Group Ltd to minimize threats and also take up even more properties to expand its own profile and also utilize on the knowledge plus media network of its alliance associate,” it beefed up.

The consideration, that will be financed by in-house tools and bank loanings, will certainly comply with the settlement arrangement of 5 % of the acquisition value in 7 days starting from the tender’s assign, adding the $One million offer rate to be paid for upon the entry of the offer by UVD No. Four; another 5 percentage out of the fee will certainly be paid for in seven working days starting from the memorandum of invoice of sale green light; furthermore the remaining Ninety percentage upon legal finalization.

UVI is going to cover Eighty % of the whole fee or $440.6 mil, while Singland Residential Development is going to pay the balance amount.

Located at 36-44 Shelford Road, Watten Estate Condominium covers a 220,241 square feet freehold site which is section for non commercial benefit beneath the 2019 Master Plan with a gross plot ratio of One point Four.

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